What is a mining hotel?

A mining hotel is a specialized room in a data center where equipment for mining (extraction) of cryptocurrencies is located.

What does the mining hotel include?

  • Guaranteed equipment power supply
  • Internet and remote access
  • Cooling system that also includes air filtration and humidity control
  • Technical support, monitoring and administration of equipment by engineers
  • 24 hour security

What do we offer?

We monitor the equipment and set it up
Electricity price - 0.07 EUR KW/h + tax
Ability to mine for a company without tax.
Safe and secure, all your farms are protected.
Remote access to your farms for you.
Free consultations for clients of our hotel.
Discounts on equipment for wholesale buyers
Service packages
PRO Miner
15 EUR + tax ASIC/Month
  • from 1pcs
  • Internet
  • cleaning as needed
  • setting
  • safety
  • shelf-seat

The main advantages of cryptocurrency mining

It does not take much time to control the work of farms, we monitor the equipment ourselves
The ability to mine any cryptocurrency you like (If you think that a promising currency is only at the beginning of its journey and does not cost that much, then you can start mining it while the difficulty is at a low level and the reward is high)
Fast payback — During the period of the bull market on cryptocurrency exchanges, the payback period for equipment on popular assets starts from 4 months, taking into account all costs.
In a bear market, the payback takes about 24-36 months, but in any case, this is better than any business, because farms do not need to pay salaries and monitor whether they do not shirk from work. Your farm works for you 24/7 regardless of your mood.
Rapid price growth - in a short time, individual crypto assets grow by 1000% within a cycle of 5-18 months. Imagine if you keep these assets for 10 years!
Cryptocurrency Investments at Interest - Yes, yes, there are already crypto banks where you can put your cryptocurrency at compound interest. You not only get an increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, but also multiply it. Liquidity farming and staking.
Working with a fixed electricity package, allowing for precise cost forecasting. Prices start from 0.07 cents per kWh.
We can offer a turnkey installation from our side - send an inquiry right now!