Manufacturing of mining containers of any complexity.

Keypad for arming and disarming the premises
The motion sensor is installed indoors and monitors movements in the protected area
Mobile application for remote control of the security system
What is a mining container?

The panic button allows you to discreetly call a rapid response team
Containers for industrial cryptocurrency mining protect the equipment from extreme weather conditions and vandalism, as well as from moisture, which is critical for computing technology. They provide efficient management of heat flows, which is important in the high heat emission from mining.
The production of containers is carried out at our manufacturing facilities with quality control at all stages. The use of standard designs allows for reduced manufacturing and deployment time.

Why is it worth having your own mining container?

Energy costs play an important role in the field of mining and therefore it is important to have a mobile station that you can transport to anywhere in the world, put on any surface and easily connect to a low-priced power grid.

Lower maintenance costs

On average, a container that holds from 200 ASICs will cost you starting from 20 000 EUR.

The cost of maintaining one farm in a hotel per month starts from 15 euros

In less than 9 months you will get the full payback of your container

20-foot container occupies only 14 m2, and the amount of equipment that can be placed there starts from 200 ASICs.



Alarm and advanced fire extinguishing systems - the filling is non-combustible material, even in case of ignition, the fire will be localized and will not be able to spread to neighboring equipment.

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Prices for containers start from 20 thousand euros.

We provide turnkey production with further support, as well as organize logistics to the installation site.

Our company is also responsible for filling the container with optimal mining farms - you get a ready-made solution.