Uptime up to 99% unlike open farms
Powerful cooling system consisting of 8 high-speed fans for air intake and outflow.
New branch in mining optimization — Closed mining cases for 8 and 12 cards
For Miners 8G Case / For Miners 12G Case
Occupy a minimum of space and are suitable for industrial mining
Powerful 3300w power supply and only one plug
Higher productivity compared to old farms
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Video Card compatibility.
8 card farms: All cards are suitable without exception.
12 card farms: Nvidia - all cards up to RTX 3070 Ti (Depends on the manufacturer)
AMD cards - up to RX 6700 XT (Depends on the manufacturer and model)
Case for 8 cards
Case for 12 cards
Complete case set
Power supply
Setting up for the HIVEOS system
1 year warranty service